Pastor Mark Brown was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Growing up in his early years he loved sports, and made All Stars in football and baseball. His best sport however was weightlifting. In August of 1972 he won the Junior Olympics weightlifting championship at the age of fifteen. Even though he had attained a great goal he had no real peace in his life. In high school he started hanging around the wrong crowd and ended up living a life of drug and alcohol abuse for about four years.

When he was nineteen he worked with a man that was born again, and six months later Mark gave his life to Christ because of his witness. His life was drastically changed. He began attending church at Lakewood Church in Houston where John Osteen was the pastor. He led a street ministry out of the church, and later moved to a different church where he served as Youth Pastor. In time he took over as head pastor of that church.

In 1991 he moved to the Philippines as a missionary for a year. He returned to the US in January 1992, and in April 1993 started Abundant Waters Fellowship. The Lord gave him the scripture in Proverbs 24:27 which says to prepare your work without and make it fit for yourself in the field, and afterward build your home. He knew the Lord was telling him to build a mission program in the church and then God would bless him with land and a church building. As he obeyed the Lord the building and the land indeed came to pass.

Today, Abundant Waters Fellowship has its own building on five acres of land in the northwest Houston/Bear Creek area. Abundant Waters Fellowship is a non-denominational, Spirit-filled family church. Ministries include nursery, Children’s Church, youth group, and AWSOME Bible School on Sunday Mornings. The ministry’s focus is to preach the Gospel (Mark 16:15-20) and to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20).

AWSOME Bible School is the international Bible school that has been in twenty-seven different nations, has been translated into ten languages, and has over 9,265 graduates. To learn more about AWSOME click here.

Pastor Brown has also authored books that have been sent into many parts of the world. Over 77,000 books have been given to missionaries, pastors, and churches throughout the world.