AWSOME History and Description

In 1991 I was a missionary to the Philippine Islands and worked with a local ministry that had thirteen churches within their organization. After several months I saw the need to put together teachings that would strengthen the pastors and the churches, especially independent churches that did not have access to the materials available through bigger organizations. The teachings that were put together were a great asset to the ministers there and were used in their churches and their Sunday School.

I returned home to Houston and on Easter Sunday morning of 1993 we started our church. We determined we would me a missions-minded church, and we started sowing into missionaries and going on missions trips. We began writing books, translating them into different languages to make the teachings more accessible, and traveled overseas to lead pastor’s seminars.

In 1995 we sent our first books overseas to Guatemala. We sent 2,000 sets of books that were given to schoolteachers throughout the country through a program initiated by Guatemala’s First Lady Mayra Duque called Free and Triumphant. The books were structured to teach the Bible in simple-to-follow ways to the students, and the program was implemented in all levels of education.

In 2006 we started Abundant Waters School of Ministerial Excellence (AWSOME) which is our international Bible school. The Lord gave me the scripture in Nehemiah 8:10 that says to send a portion to them for whom nothing is prepared. Many ministers and believers overseas want to attend Bible school or seminary, but simply cannot afford to do so. Our aim is to bring AWSOME Bible school to them via the local church so they do not have to uproot their families and move to another location for their education. AWSOME Bible School partners with pastors who host the school in their church and enable their congregation to attend. With this arrangement the churches and the congregations are left intact while the entire church body receives instruction and discipleship. Our first graduating class of twelve students was in the Philippines, and to-date AWSOME has been in 29 different nations with over 9,265 graduates.

There are currently three years of curriculum for AWSOME:

  • Disciples that Change Their World
  • Ministers that Change Their World
  • Overcomers that Change Their World


AWSOME is currently available in the following languages:

  • Disciples that Change Their World: English, Spanish, French, Hindi (India), Urdu (Pakistan), Chichewa (Malawi and Mozambique), Swahili (Kenya), Nepali (Nepal)
  • Ministers that Change Their World: English, Spanish, French, Cebunao (the Philippines)
  • Overcomers that Change Their World: English


Requirements for hosting AWSOME Bible School:

  • Provide a facility to host the school
  • Complete three forms of acceptance to AWSOME Bible School
  • Minister’s Personal Information
  • Responsibilities of Affiliates Agreement
  • Recommendation from an ordained minister
  • If accepted, a monthly report must be completed sent to the international office
  • Must provide a group photo of the students along with their names
  • Host a graduation ceremony at the end of the school year and provide a group photo of the graduating students to the international office


Graduation requirements (in order to receive a diploma)

  • Each student must live a godly life and be committed to serving God
  • Each student must attend every lesson to qualify for a diploma; if  a lesson is missed the student must make arrangements to make up the lesson
  • Students must complete the Bible school curriculum in order (1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year)

If you are interested in hosting the AWSOME Bible School, send an email to