Testimonials of Awsome



AWSOME helped me in my faith walk.  AWSOME has balanced teachings of faith that makes me a strong member of the army of God fighting the good fight of faith.  You know the faith message has been attacked by ministers who don't understand God's principles, but I love these people.


I have received an air conditioned car by sowing and living by faith.  I like to hook up with people who walk by faith.  Their message can make a poor and weak person abundantly blessed and victorious.  By faith my church is growing in numbers.


It is a great blessing to be a part of the AWSOME family.


We love you, AWSOME Houston.  God bless AWSOME and America.


Pastor Lisandro Zapanta


I now pray with boldness, knowing God wants to answer my prayers, if they are prayed in faith.


I have learned to win life's battles through faith.  I know now that faith and patience go together.


I was taught not to go to church.  The AWSOME Bible School has made me see, through the teachings on the importance of attending church and why you need a Pastor.


Benin City, Nigeria


After the teachings on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, almost all of the students were baptized in the Holy Ghost. The students are learning to differentiate the traditional doctrines of men taught to them from their previous religious backgrounds.

Pastor David Hassan (former Muslim)

Cagayan de Oro, Philippines



We have three students who are pastors that were sent out of our church. They were sent because of the great need but had not been to Bible School. The AWSOME School is equipping them to fulfill their ministry with confidence.

Pastor Alberto Rendon

South Catobato, Philippines



The teachings of AWSOME have had a positive effect on our church here in Stanger. Church attendance has improved especially on our mid-week service. Our tithes and offerings have increased and the students are starting to take more responsibility in the ministry of helps.

Brother Ramdeo Harripersad

AWSOME School Director

Stanger, South Africa


The teachings are strengthening the faith of the believers. Their faith is arising and their doubts are disappearing.

Pastor Reuben Pagaduan

Villasis, Philippines



Most of the students are ministers and church workers, so they see the lectures as a help to prepare them to fulfill their work in the local church. They come from different denominations and local churches. The school is serving as a unifying factor for these church workers.


Some of these students use the AWSOME study guide and lectures they received to prepare their sermons, Sunday school teaching and Bible studies in their different local churches. This is bringing our teachings in our different local churches to be the same. Thanks be to Jesus!


We are very committed Christian living in Kano, Nigeria we serve our Lord Jesus

Christ. Some areas are governed by Sharia law which is the strict Muslim law. So

We continue sharing our faith with some of the Muslim there.


Pastor Isaiah T. Enyechama - Kano, Nigeria