Purchasing a School


Abundant Waters School Of Ministerial Excellence (AWSOME) is a Bible oriented Bible School. It is not a theological school. All of the teachings are straight out of the Bible, and are set in systematic order making it very simple and clear to understand. Each DVD is between 45 minutes to 1 hour long. The first year school is Disciples That Change Their World and the second year school is Ministers That Change Their World.

You will receive a notebook with all of the teaching outlines in it. Pastor Brown will use the teaching outlines to teach from on each DVD, so it is very easy to follow along. There is a test at the end of each semester. The first year school will have a test after lesson 50 and the final test after lesson 99. All of the questions are true and false. Once you have taken the test after lesson 50 you will send it to the AWSOME headquarters to be graded. Once graded, we will contact you and let you know the results either by phone or e-mail. You will then proceed through lessons 51-99 and then do the final test at the end. You will send in the test and it will then be graded. We will contact you and give you the results and then will mail your Diploma as you have completed the first year course.       

The second year course tests are after lessons 51, 101, and 150. The same procedure will be done as the first year school concerning the tests and giving of the Diploma.
The cost of the first year course for 99 DVD’s and notebook with teaching outlines is $250.00 which includes shipping and handling (for all U.S. orders).

The cost of the second year school is $350 for 150 DVD’S and the notebook with teachings. That is a discount of $50 which is like getting 20 free DVD’S. This includes shipping and handling for all U.S. orders. All Canadian orders add an extra 10% for shipping and handling. For all other orders outside of U.S. call or e-mail for shipping prices.

Note: Other students can go through the AWSOME School with you. They will have
to buy their own notebook, which will enable them to take the tests. The first year notebook can be purchased for an additional $35. Additional Diplomas will be $10 each.

The second year notebook can be purchased for $35. The third semester teachings are given at no charge. Additional Diplomas for the second year school will be $10 each.

CLICK HERE to purchase online or you may pay by check, or money order made payable to AWSOME:   SEND TO:

17810 French Road
Houston, Texas 77084 U.S.A.