Pastor Brown

Pastor Mark Brown was born and raised in Houston, Texas.  Growing up, he loved to play sports and played baseball, basketball and football through his teen years.  He began weightlifting at the age of fourteen years.  In August, 1972, two months before his sixteenth birthday, he won the United States Junior Olympic Weightlifting championship in Los Angeles, California.  Even though he had attained a great goal, his life began a downward spiral because he had no peace or direction in his personal life.  He began hanging around with the wrong crowd and was led into a life of drug and alcohol abuse for almost four years.  

In May, 1977, Pastor Brown worked with a Christian man who witnessed to him.  As a result, he accepted Christ into his heart and was born again.  This brought about an immediate and drastic change in his life.  He began to witness and share his faith with anyone who would listen.  He began attending Lakewood Church at that time, under the ministry of Pastor John Osteen.  The Lord led him to start a street ministry in the Montrose area of Houston.  After three years of being faithful in his church and to the street ministry, the Lord spoke to him and said that it was time for him to minister in the local church.  In obedience to the Lord, he left Lakewood and served as a youth pastor, assistant pastor and pastored a church as well.

In 1991, Pastor Brown moved to the Philippine Islands as a missionary for a year.  They returned to the United States in 1992.  He pioneered Abundant Waters Fellowship in April, 1993, in a Holiday Inn hotel on Highway 290. Although it started with humble beginnings the Lord began to bless the work as he obeyed Him. The Lord’s instruction was “prepare your work without, and make it fit for yourself in the field; and afterwards build your house.” (Proverbs 24:27)  

They knew the Lord was saying for them to put their focus on missions and reaching the world, so that he would bless their work, and give them property, as well as the buildings they needed to fulfill His will for their church. As they obeyed the Lord to focus on missions the Lord fulfilled His promise and brought them to a church building on five acres of land in the Northwest Houston – Bear Creek area. They have built their ministry on faith, the integrity of God’s word and giving. These truths have had a profound impact on their life and ministry.    

Abundant Waters Fellowship is a non-denominational, Spirit-filled, family church. Pastor Brown also has a vision for our community.  One of the ways this is being accomplished is through door-to-door witnessing. Some of the church members have come as a result of this ministry. The real heartbeat of the church is to win people to Christ and then train and develop them to become a disciple so that they can reach their full potential in Christ and enjoy the abundant life.  

Ministries include Nursery, Children, Youth, Sunday School and AWSOME Bible School. Every age group is taught and trained to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Brown has three children; Jeremy, Jason, and Rebekah.


Not only has he founded Abundant Waters Fellowship but also has a ministry to the nations of the world. While in the Philippines as a missionary he trained pastors and leaders and held healing crusades. Out of those pastors and leaders meetings he developed a curriculum for Abundant Waters School Of Ministerial Excellence (AWSOME). Today there are ninety six AWSOME schools in twelve different nations. The AWSOME School is designed to train, educate and equip believers and ministers to accomplish God’s will for their life. AWSOME is having a major impact on the believers and ministers in other nations.

Pastor Brown has authored books that have been translated into other languages that are used in Pastor’s conferences in other nations. The books are translated into Spanish, French, Hindi, and Malayalam. Over 60,000 books have been given to ministers and leaders overseas.

A Tape of the Month program was established and currently about 220 tapes is sent out every month. Over 170 of these are sent to ministers in twenty three different nations.

Pastor Brown has ministered in twenty three different nations on six different continents. His ministry overseas continues to grow and expand.