Book Distribution

This is one of the most effective ministry tools that we have implemented at Abundant Waters Fellowship. Pastor Brown has authored twenty five books and each one is in English and Spanish.

There are twelve books in French including our first and second year AWSOME Bible School. Our first year AWSOME Bible School is translated into Hindi the national language of India. Overcoming Obstacles For Divine Breakthrough has been translated into Malayalam, a dialect in India. These books are having a major impact on ministers and believers in the following nations.

Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, The Philippines, India, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Kenya, Spain, Morocco, Switzerland, Benin, Liberia, Nigeria, Botswana, Ivory Coast, Venezuela, Sierra Leone, and Haiti.

They are being used in Sunday Schools, Bible Schools, Prisons and Churches. To date, there are over sixty thousand books that have been given to prisoners, ministers, churches, and bible schools at no charge.

Our desire is to train, equip and develop ministers and their congregation into disciples of Jesus Christ.

For a list of books available,           PLEASE CLICK HERE



4800 Books given to Pastors in

Lagos, Nigeria in October 2006

1800 Books given to Pastors in

Freetown Sierra Leone October 2008

Members of Abundant Waters Fellowship praying over 1000 books being sent to Haiti
and 5 AWSOME Bible schools being sent to Freetown, Sierra Leone
Member of Abundant Waters Fellowship praying over 1800 books being sent to Sierra Leone for a Pastors Conference.