Donating a School
Pastor Brown was a missionary in the Philippines in 1991. While there he saw the real need of training pastors and leaders.      There were many who would have liked
to attend Bible School but could not because of having to move their family to another town or not having the money to pay the tuition. After seeing the real need the Lord gave Pastor Brown a plan where the leaders and believers could stay in their own home town and still go to Bible School.

Abundant Waters School Of Ministerial Excellence was developed to be an overseas DVD school that is given to a Host Pastor or Minister at no charge so that ministers and believers could be trained to become fruitful leaders and believers. The Lord spoke Nehemiah 8:10 to Pastor Brown and said “to send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared.”

Each AWSOME first year Bible School consists of 99 DVDS, an outline studies notebook with all 99 lessons and also a DVD Player. ( Right at $100.00 ) The biggest
charge is to have the schools airmailed to the different countries. The postal systems in most of these countries do not have guaranteed mail which makes the delivery of the package to the recipient virtually impossible. That is why the AWSOME Schools are airmailed through FED-EX, UPS or some other international courier service. Every school gets to the proper person because it is a guaranteed delivery. The cost to do this is between $225 - $300 per school depending on which country it is going to. It’s ultimately the biggest expense of sending out the AWSOME Schools. While it is a major expense the rewards are immeasurable, and the impact of the schools is well worth the sacrifice.

The testimonies that we have received from pastors and students of how the
teachings have changed their lives and changed their church has been tremendous.

Note: We do have the AWSOME teachings translated into Spanish and French. However the DVD’s are not available in Spanish or French.

If you would like to have a part in changing lives overseas through planting an AWSOME SCHOOL