About Awsome
In January of 1991 Pastor Brown and his family were missionaries to the Philippines Islands. As he began to work there he saw a great need to teach and train the pastors and leaders. He put together a lot of teachings and had them typed and copied to give to the leaders. Little did he know the full impact that those teachings would one day have.

They returned to the United States after one year in the Philippines. In April of 1993 he pioneered Abundant Waters Fellowship and began to have a strong vision for world missions. The Lord instructed him to take the teachings and put them into books translated into Spanish and French, so that they could be used in foreign countries. Over sixty thousand books have been given to pastors and leaders in 24 nations.

The Lord then spoke to him to take the teaching books and make a DVD Bible School that could be used to train and equip ministers and disciples. Abundant Waters School Of Ministerial Excellence (AWSOME) was developed in the church and finished in the spring of 2006. To date ninety six AWSOME Bible Schools are in twelve different nations. It has produced tremendous results in ministers and believers and continues to grow.

The Lord then spoke and said to do the second year school that would develop ministers that will change their world. That school was developed and is having a major impact in the nations of the world.

What started out as a small seed, has begun to grow into a tree and produce fruit (Matthew 13:31, 32) The Lord's instruction to Pastor Brown about the books and the AWSOME DVD BIBLE SCHOOL was “to send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared.” (Nehemiah 8:10)

The AWSOME Schools are given at no charge to missionary’s, pastors and leaders in other nations. It is a way of giving to missions and helping to develop the end time army of God to bring in the harvest. It has truly been a God ordained plan that is producing fruit around the world.

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